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Elvis has finally left the building

After two and a half weeks Elvis has finally left the building. Intrigued, let me start at the beginning ……..

I had a visit from Mrs M, asking would it be possible for me to make an Elvis suit for the 13 August as The Madeline Rust were going to be performing in a charity event at the Waterfront Festival, Nottingham, but instead of performing their own songs the theme for the whole event was ‘Songs from dead rock stars’ also to possibly dress up as one too.. So this is where I come in……

So working from just a few measurements and looking at a halterneck jumpsuit that she already had, we made a toile. (That’s a trial garment made from gash fabric, the blue garment in the first picture) .

After several fittings with nips,tucks and darts, lots of stage type glitz and sparkle we ended up with this. And what a pleasure it was to do too. Love you Mrs M for keeping the sparkle alive….

And what did it look like on the day ……

Elvis 11

She and the whole band looked truly amazing, they put their hearts and souls into their performance and did some brilliant covers.


I can definitely see this outfit turning up on stage again in the not too distant future….




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