The Bride

It’s not very often that I champion a plant but today I feel this needs a star. Verbascum Chaixii ‘The Bride’ isn’t the sort of flower where you would go ‘WOW’, it’s the plant that is there as a filler quite unassuming, it’s just there. On closer inspection though it is quite lovely.

I love the reverse of these flowers, after opening from deep pink buds they keep a trace of the pink ,looking like strawberry ripple ice cream. The centres are also the same shade as the buds.Growing to around 90 cms tall, easily grown from seed, hardy and is still flowering now. Grown en masse they are making a welcome addition to my rose bed alongside asters, astrantia and verbena bonariensis.

Enjoy your garden before the frosts get hold….


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13 responses to “The Bride

  1. Great advice, Sue. Thanks for reminding.


  2. An understated beauty, thanks for introducing her!

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  3. This looks really beautiful. I have been keeping our wild Verbascum in the garden as the bees love the pollen but they can get quite tatty looking. Your Verbascum looks so pretty but I am having difficulty finding it. Does it have any other names? Amelia

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  4. You are right, it is lovely and it is easy unlike some of the more unusual colours. For instance, I can never keep ‘ Helen Johnson’.

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  5. That’s an interesting way of looking at – I normally ‘don’t see the point’ of verbascums, but thinking of them in a group as a filler is different altogether…


  6. Looks good. Did you grow it from seed?

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