Cold Nights Warm Hands

It’s that time of year when my thoughts are of trying to keep my tender plants safe and keeping my hands warm. For a couple of years now I’ve collected woollen sweaters that are past their best, some shrunk, some too bobbly and tired. Now is the right time for a new lease of life…. a pair of fingerless mitts.

Choosing a grey fair isle sweater that matched my winter coat I cut two squares out of it using the rib for the cuff and extending up the body of the sweater for the main part of the mitts. I have decided to needle felt* a design on to the fabric using my embellishing machine. This machine is used only for the purpose of needle felting, there are no sewing threads and it has 5 barbed needles. This makes needle felting quicker and I am able to make a more precise design.


The machine I use is a Husqvarna Viking ER10. The coloured yarns are dyed sheep’s wool bought off the internet.


Using the design of the fairisle as a guide I’ve needle felted the coloured yarns as if I were colouring in a book.


Here you can see the 5 needles and the safety guard. The yarn is laid on top of the grey fabric and the needles quickly mesh and needle felt the fabric.


After marking where I need the thumbs to go I have edged these in green.


Cutting the fabric down to size.


More edging along the top and a lot more needle felting all over the fabric . This firms the fabric up. Now for some hand stitching and beading.


Once this was finished I blanket stitched the seams.


And there you have it, 2 hours work and a cosy pair of mitts.

Now I really need to leave my warm workroom and finish putting those tender plants in the greenhouse….may be tomorrow……

* Needle Felting. Is a process where a barbed needle or needles are repeatedly punched into woollen materials to take on a felted appearance. As opposed to : Wet Felting.

** Wet Felting. Is a process of matting together wool fibers using moisture friction and heat.


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5 responses to “Cold Nights Warm Hands

  1. That is a great recycling idea. I had never heard of the felting techniques and I am very impressed by the result. I presume this must have been done by hand with a similar needle at one time. Amelia

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  2. Hi Amelia. yes and can still be done now. When you come back to the UK have a look round in the craft shops for a needle felting tool. It is a handle into which you can put the needles (5). It does the same process only slower. If you look back at my posts I have one where I did a workshop with some friends and we made felted toadstools. You could easily do this to make the mittens. Sue. ps I will email a picture of the felting tool.


  3. Great to read through this process Sue, and what a great result

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  4. I love these, you are soooooooooo clever!


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