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Revamp..Part 1

My long overdue revamp of the garden has started, albeit slowly. One tree, my medlar has gone plus a few overgrown, well passed their ‘sell by date’  shrubs. This has opened up an area to much more light giving my favourite roses more breathing space. Over the last few years the arch holding up the wisteria has looked decidedly skew, so Mr Malc took it down, leaving the climbers looking a bit perilous. In the coming few days, weather permitting we will be erecting a new arch then moving on to another task…the slow leak in the pond….


The garden looks so sad too.


But just to cheer me and maybe you, here is what I am looking forward to this coming summer.


Also looking forward to a new spot in the garden are the chickens I made years ago, Charlie and Nora.

Oh and a Happy New Year to you all. Hope your new gardening year is as eventful as mine looks like it’s going to be….



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