Storm Doris

The wind is strengthening and the rain is lashing on my workroom windows. I think it may be a  bit of a rough day ( that being the understatement of the day ). *

Time to take stock of all the beautiful ‘collectables’ that have accumulated over time and now languish in jars and boxes. Some of the pieces bring back memories of childhood, the sea glass from holidays around Britain, the small bits of broken china from family pieces.  Sorting through old family button boxes always conjures up memories of clothes we wore as children and from my own children now.

In the past I have arranged small items on old paint charts as you will have seen in past posts and I thought I would do that again. Also I picked up a chart from a more expensive paint company and it’s  huge. The colours are gorgeous and the names are way over the top…names such as ‘Mad King George’,’ Cleopatra’s Nose’ and ‘Jazz Cafe’.

With 120 spaces to fill you would think that I could just delve into the jars and fill every space easily but no, finding samples to go with the colour or the title took some doing.So here is the final result mounted on a frame Mr Malc made me and it now hangs in my work room.


A piece of shell my daughter bought back from Australia, a piece of dried lichen, a button from a coat I wore when I was 6.


Glass, pebbles,a cup handle….


A tiny shell my Mother-in-law always kept in her purse for good luck….


Flint from the Norfolk beaches…..


And lots of sea worn glass…..thank you Lucy……


* Hope all of you who are being blown about by Storm Doris batten down the hatches and stay safe…. Sue



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11 responses to “Storm Doris

  1. That is a brilliant idea and looks so lovely! Yes Doris is just getting into he stride here in the east Midlands too


    • We’re in the E Mids’ too. Came home on the bus today past Wollaton Park and you could make out several newly felled trees and plenty of debris all along the route, we just had a fence panel down and several whippy shoots on the roses down…thank you lucky stars I say…


  2. What an amazing collection. I always pick up stones and shells but not on this sort of scale. And everything has a memory, how wonderful.

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  3. I think your wall chart is adorable.( unlike the vile storm)

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  4. I hope you and garden made is through Storm Doris? Fortunately, it came and went while I was at work, and it must have taken a temporary break whilst I moved between buildings.

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  5. I adore this! Such a brilliant idea, it is a wall chart of curiosities, wonderful. Now I want one, I certainly have enough “mementos” hanging about!

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  6. This is a wonderful idea and what a great challenge to complete – love the idea of matching my bits and bobs in this way. So inspiring Sue!

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  7. Original, as ever! Amelia

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