Revamp Update

With the season supposedly warming up and Easter traditionally being the start of our growing season, I thought I’d better bring you up to date on the garden revamp.

The Medlar has gone replaced by another Sorbus, this one I’ve inherited from L and G as it was growing in a very large container and was surplus to requirements after some building work. This is putting on new growth and sporting huge bunches of flower buds. Removing the Medlar has also given us a lot more light in the conservatory. The picture below is of the Sorbus in the autumn, still in it’s container.

sorbus chinese lace

Sorbus Chinese Lace


Further along the holly has been topped and it’s crown lifted allowing more light underneath for some newly planted white foxgloves, cowslips, and Hellebore. This is already showing promise.

Under Holly 2017

The three Camellia have all done exceedingly well this year with just some browning on the white ‘Nobellissima’, but then it does start flowering from November. I have now started to tip prune stray shoots off all three shrubs to keep them in bounds.

We have had an on going battle with the ponds and rill, with it all loosing water at a dramatic rate. Methodically we have stripped back elements of this area to try to find the cause of the problem. Yesterday saw us lifting edging stones and liner to back fill and lift the edge, all was put back and overnight we have seen a vast improvement. We had visions of new piping or liner, but fingers crossed we may have cracked it.

After a visit to Mr Malc’s allotment earlier this year I was amazed at the size of some of the plants I had taken down there last summer. Grown from seed were Salvia Barreliei, Thalictrum Spaerostachyum , Papaver Lasiothrix, and a lovely deep red hollyhock. These I have now bought back here and have planted most in the garden with some going to my friend Karen down the road.

The White Garden also had an almost total revamp last autumn, barring the shrubs and trees I took out all the perennials, split and rejigged the planting scheme. This area looks better already. The Hellebore in the garden have done really well with some new seedlings giving me the odd nice surprise, but there are far too many plants around all of the garden, I shall be lifting these for selling.

White Garden 2017

White Garden

wg tulips

Tulips in White Garden

Some surprising plants to flower this spring have been Iris Suaveolens, I’ Schachtii and Podophyllum Hexandrum.

iris suaveolens

Iris Suaveolens

podo hex

Podophyllum Hexandrum

iris schachtii

Iris Schachtii

Entering the White Garden through a small gate I go under an arch, covered at the moment with Akebia Quinata to be followed in a week or two’s time by Rosa Banksiae Lutea.

Akiba Quinata

Akibia Quinata

I hope your Easter weekend goes well what ever you do, but don’t forget to stop and look around your garden and savour the view……Sue



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7 responses to “Revamp Update

  1. It’s looking good! Revamping and removing plants is more difficult than planning a fresh area I have found but it is worth it. The Iris are beautiful. the Akibia looks exotic, it is something I have never seen. Amelia


    • Thank you Amelia. I agree, I would rather start a border from scratch, this was troublesome as I seem to have bulb overload all over my garden. The Akebia is lovely if a little rampant, I also have a beautiful cream one with deep purple stamens but the flowers look a little lost among the leaves…. Happy Easter to you and yours. Sue

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  2. Isn’t it the best time of year? Looking great!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Too many plants in the garden? Are you sure, Sue?! It is really interesting to read about your revamp – weren’t you going to have to do something about the structure your lovely wisteria is on as well? I sympathise with your water loss in the stream and rill, something that troubled us here too for a long time and I kept trying different things. It seems to be OK now – although I have it on a timer so it it only runs for part of the day – but I have to remember thatwhen it is dry it can lose an alarming amount of water through evaporation


    • Thanks for commenting, yes we did the pergola. We had to move it forward slightly as removing the old concrete meant moving a rose, it’s all back to rights now and the Wisteria is filling it up again. The pond is still up and running well. Sue.


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