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Help…. where did June go ? I must have blinked.

What with 30+centigrade temperatures and wild rainy days it’s been one mixed up month. I’ve probably had the best roses for years only to have them scorched by the sun and beaten down with the rain. Lots of other plants have also been short lived, plus now I have plants flowering that are my late summer stalwarts. Help… I’ll be putting my trowel and gloves away before you know it….

I have managed to get some pictures of some half decent blooms just to say, that all has not been lost.

Among them are Dierama Guinevere a lovely white, lower growing plant. My seed grown white Martagon lilies, an orchid given to me by my sister-in-law and the beautiful but spikey leaved Morina Longiflolia.

I’ll finish this post with a sad goodbye to our faithful but feisty cat Poppy. She was in her 20th year, sadly her age and failing health caught up with her. Even so, to lose a pet that had been with you for so long is, to say the least devastating. poppy 2017

I shall miss her following me around the garden and also sitting begging to lick the lid off my yogurt pot….

Till next time Sue…



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