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One day I may get to do a post about my actual gardening exploits, as it seems this summer has been taken over by some amazing projects.

So here I go again…

Last year we went to a garden open where the owners had a huge pond/small lake and beside it was a gorgeous wire heron. Well that was a ‘Red rag to a bull’. I decided there and then that I would, at some point, make another wire sculpture. After much thought and rummaging on the allotment I managed to find enough pieces of chicken wire and two long metal rods for the legs, I think they may be the things that go into concrete to strengthen it.

As I’d now made four different birds previously, I sort of knew how I would start. The hardest part was making sure I could somehow attach the legs without them pushing right though the body. With a bit of trial and error and secretly swearing to myself I managed it. Then for a couple of months I did lose a bit of momentum and it lay looking a bit like nothing would become of it, until a couple of weeks ago while clearing around the dustbins and garden storage where I’d left it, it suddenly clicked. I knew what I was doing next. Mr Malc  got me the workbench out on the yard and I was able to support it better. More and more layers went on until I was happy with the result. Another couple of weeks have gone by with the finished heron laying in the shed as every time we wanted to install it, it was windy. At long last the heron is now happily poised over the top pond and I am quietly pleased with the result.

So maybe the next post I do will involve plants …..till next time Sue.



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