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Last year the smoke bush failed to flower so no smoke. This year however it’s making up for this. After our first rain in quite a few weeks the smoke bush is looking lovely, lots of rain drops clinging precariously. Would have been nice to have a little sunshine to make them glisten.

I’m not complaining though,we really do need more rain.

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Mrs Oakley Fisher

A lovely unexpected combination.

This is one of my favourite roses. I do have a question though. Does anyone know who Mrs Oakley Fisher was? Internet not very helpful.


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White or nearly

I’ve always loved white flowers, they simply glow in the evening light. I have in the past attempted to create a totally white area but I think I need space to make it work. Trees and large shrubs cast too much shade. So having pops of white here and there actually lift my borders rather than trying anything grander. Take this dahlia Cameo for instance, it’s growing at the side of the shed and in the evening it simply glows.
Another nearly white is Agapanthus Windsor Grey. Very difficult to place as it demands individual attention. Placed in front of a fence covered in Akebia which has long since finished flowering it looks quite grand.

Now something that’s quite common and usually dismissed Anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’. I really like this plant and I can forgive it it’s rambling habit. Grown in a shady corner with a backing of Hedera Buttercup, this shows off the dark anemone leaves a treat.

So I’ve all but given up on having a white garden, life’s too short when you have a plant addiction and space is limited.


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I’m back

Well it’s been a long time but I’ve managed to get my blog on my phone. This will be easier as I don’t download any pictures to my computer now. So here goes.

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to Calke Abbey, our first proper trip for months. The weather was great and the walled garden was stunning as usual. We ventured out on a good long walk around grounds and through the woods. After a trying couple of years this was just what we needed. I’m really looking forward to starting up my blog again and taking you around my garden again..thanks for joining me. Until the next time. Sue


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