As a child I always had a passion for colour. So growing up I found my way into fashion, designing and making garments for high street stores. Once I got married and had children things went on the back burner, but sewing, gardening and design nibbled away, until the day came and I could eventually take up what had become hobbies again.

I went to college to take horticulture and decided there and then that this was for me. I took on twelve gardens, caring and redesigning several, thoroughly enjoying myself and making quite a few very good friends. Sadly my strength let me down and I started on a different tack, one not so physical. I went back to college and took an A level and City and Guilds in Textiles. I had, since being a child, made clothes and was taught to pattern cut by my grandmother, and this has been used to the full. I have taught small groups textile related crafts for a number of years and have been opening my garden for Cancer Research for the last 15 or so years. Starting this blog is my way of sharing my experiences and passion for gardening and textiles with other like minded people.


This photo was taken at Christmas time 1954, I am the little girl with the large bow in her hair, not looking at the camera, but is intent on finishing her sewing card..I really did start young. My favourite Nana is cutting the Christmas cake. She’s the one that set the ball rolling and I have never looked back.

Please enjoy my ramblings. Sue.


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  1. glenys

    Sue never fails to inspire you and is a fantastic teacher with the patience of a saint. I have learnt many new techniques from her. xx


  2. Congratulations, Sue!

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More on this nomination is at



  3. Glad I found your blog sewing and gardening are two of my favourite pastimes!


  4. Hello Sue, your lovely daughter Lucy told me about your Blog (I think her band The Madeline Rust are amazing!). I love your beautiful site and blogs and all the pictures of your garden. I am more in the ‘before’ stage with my garden – much smaller than yours, and was fully paved at the back so I am digging up paving and creating flowerbeds! I have had big gardens in the past, and taken out leylandii on several occasions, so I empathise! I have subscribed and look forward to reading your future posts. Best wishes, Anne de Gruchy PS I have just started my own Blog at annedegruchy.co.uk, but am a complete novice and will take inspiration from yours!


  5. Hello Sue!
    May we use your image for Pelargonium dichondrifolium found here on a plant label? We never use images without the owners permission.
    Here is the page address: https://sueturner31.wordpress.com/tag/pelargonium-dichondrifolium/
    Kind regards,
    Sue Vargas
    Horticultural Support/Photography
    Order Online: http://www.mastertag.com
    9751 US Hwy 31
    Montague, MI 49437
    800.253.0439 #813
    231.894.5651 #813


    • Hi Sue. Yes you can use my picture, I only ask that you acknowledge it as mine. I have also given my permission to an Auricula grower in France to use some pictures in a book. Just as a matter of interest what will you do with it. Regards Sue Turner.


  6. Hi Sue!
    Thanks for your speedy response. πŸ™‚ Could you please contact me directly at my work email so I can explain in detail the use of your photo?
    Thanks so much,
    Sue V.


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