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May Opening and a Surprise

This last month has been my busiest for along time, with us opening in May and now this coming weekend but I must tell you about the May opening.

We got up to sunshine which stayed with us throughout the day.Unlike last year when the heavens opened and I stood talking to people in the rain. All our ‘staff ‘ (family) came on time and we all mucked in to get the last things ready.  Plants all looking great and the textile table looking inviting, I gave us all a quick lunch then we opened the gates and for half an hour we thought no one was going to come, suddenly the hoards descended.

We never stopped talking to people,selling plants and textiles. It was manic but in a good way.


My cousins Rob and Gill selling plants …


Me doing what I do best…talking about plants.

You get to meet so many like minded people, some new comers and a lot of regulars. We even had the previous owners of our house come, last seen 38 years ago… they saw a difference.


The garden shortly after moving in in 1978.



And I have saved the best till last….

On the Wednesday after the opening we received a parcel in the post, thinking this was a mistake as I know I hadn’t sent for anything, we gingerly opened it. My cousins Rob and Gill had put together an amazing book of pictures from the day. I am so pleased and thrilled with it and I will treasure it always.


The pictures are superb ….


And this is fabulous …a timed shot of all of us …


We ended up with only two bags left and enough plants for this week end.

So the final total for the day including the other two gardens in our group was…

£ 800 in ticket sales …with a grand total of just under £1,500 with plants, teas, crafts and textiles. I think it was a very worth while, if not a little exhausting, day.


And I leave you with a picture taken yesterday of the wisteria…no it wasn’t open on the day but boy will it look good this weekend. So what ever the weather this week end go visit an open garden it’s the best time of the year and you never know you may pick up that plant you’ve always wanted…….  Sue












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The Forecast is Changable

Well the garden is ready for opening, all but for a sweep around the paths on Saturday afternoon weather permitting, and the putting up of two gazebos to keep my family of helpers dry. Plants labelled, greenhouse tidied nerves now calming. Tee shirts have arrived from our chosen charity so all set to go.

During the last two weekends we have visited other NGS gardens, one in constant drizzle, nothing stops an ardent gardener, the other, last Sunday in glorious sunshine. Of course I had to buy plants and enjoy a cuppa too.

Among the plants I have bought are a lovely herbaceous Clematis, C’  Recta purpurea with beautiful emerging red/purple foliage giving way later to a froth of small white flowers. This has already found a home in the bed in front of the conservatory as it will be quite a short grower. Now I need a nice support for it. Other plants include Geum Totally Tangerine and G’ Fire Storm, both of a similar colouring, one a double, both now planted up and looking fantastic along side Erysimum Orange Bedder, Heuchera Honey Rose, H’ Sweet tea and H’ Lime Marmalade. Hang on am I writing a gardening blog or a foodie blog.


Later this will have Thalictrum delavayi, Geranium a deep purple (?), a gold leafed geranium also with no label,where do all those labels go ?

And finally  I just had to post this picture…..


Couldn’t believe my eyes, I’ve had broken clay pots about the garden for ages, you may have seen the toad under one a few posts ago. But I never thought I would see a mouse, I looked under the pot a while later and I could see a tiny neat hole. It obviously couldn’t stand the rainy weather either.

So even if it rains on Sunday I’m sure my family of helpers will have a ball ….I will update after the event….. Sue






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