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When the days are wet or the weather turns a little chilly, I like nothing more than pottering in my conservatory.

We have had a conservatory for around 30 years now, the present one for about 12. I really wouldn’t like to be without one now. We face east so we don’t get the full afternoon sun, which I understand from neighbours across the road is a boon.

I have always wanted to be able to fill this room with lots of plants, but also be able to sit comfortably. All the furniture apart from 2 wicker dining chairs is second hand, stuff that friends, neighbours, family and even complete strangers have been giving away. I like the challenge of making something usable from someones cast offs.

As for plants, well I’ve tried everything. Had many many failures and some success.

The stalwarts for me are my Pelargoniums, they love the sun and tolerate the heat really well. I tend to bunch them all together in the winter and they seem to fair ok.IMG_5265

I also wanted to include climbers, so have 3 passion flowers, Pura vida and Constance Elliot both flower for me, I have the common blue but it never flowers I think it is too vigorous to be kept in a pot. This is going outside next year as I now have 6 plants growing from seed sown this year of Maurandya ‘Magic dragon’, Plant World triumphs again. This is climbing in all of the corners.IMG_2386IMG_5271

Five plants have flowered the other is showing fat buds.

IMG_5237IMG_5269 IMG_5270  IMG_5272 IMG_5273IMG_3161IMG_5012

Other plants in here include Stephanotis, Plumbago, Begonia sutherlandii, Solanium conchifolium, Plectranthus fruticosus and Streptocarpus glandulosissimus. One more plant from plant world seed, that may flower one day if I can get it to overwinter is a Gloriosa Rothschildiana. Along with several succulents, the conservatory has something in flower all summer long. IMG_2290IMG_2460

Granddaughters making animals from corks and cocktail sticks last summer.

So you see it’s a very well used room……and a joy to find time to sit in….occasionally.



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Pelargonium Sidoides

       Look what opened it’s tiny petals this morning…..        


       .Pelargonium Sidoides

             Pelargonium Sidoides

   First collected by Swedish botanist Thunberg in 1772, but never became popular until the 1970’s. Now the most popular in our collection. (words by Micheal Loftus ‘Woottens of Wenhaston’ from The Book of Pelargoniums 2006/7) . I now understand that Micheal Loftus died in 2012, a sad loss.

The nursery lives on under the guidance of his wife, daughters and many staff who worked for him.

Long may it continue to flourish…….


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Cooling down the garden

The garden is taking a bit of a roasting this week. With storms forecast and missing us out completely we are desperate for rain here in the garden and on the allotment.

Having said all that I may be woken up in the night to thunder ……

Now the garden is looking a little jaded and pale, but making the evenings shine are a few lovely white and pale plants.


Thalictrum reniforme

Thalictrum reniforme

This Thalictrum is a gem, flowering now after all the large blowsy ones have finished it is a welcome sight. Flowering in the White Garden it is a very delicate looking flower and is about 90 cms tall.

Stalwarts in the garden have to be the following few.


Anemone hybrida 'Honerine Jobert'

Anemone hybrida ‘Honerine Jobert’

This anemone makes huge colonys, growing very tall and lighting up the evening garden. I never grow the pink types as I find the colour hard to place.


White Cosmos

White Cosmos

I have to grown Cosmos every year. It is a favourite. I first grew these from seed that my good friend Lianne bought over from Korea with her when she came to England about 10 years ago, sadly the family have returned to Korea but I still grow the the progeny of those original seeds, and we still keep in touch.

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Old Court'

Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Old Court’

A different looking Leucanthemum from the norm, not to everyone’s taste, but I like it. This is from Elizabeth MacGregor Plants

Rosa Moschata ' Princesse De Nassau'

Rosa Moschata ‘ Princesse De Nassau’

Now this rose is a lovely late flowering short climber. Growing to about 2 mts , it starts flowering around late July early August and goes on until the autumn, which can only be a good thing. Starting off as pale pink buds aging to creamy white double flowers.

Pelargoniums...deep red selection from' Woottens of Wenhaston'

Pelargoniums…deep red selection from’ Woottens of Wenhaston’

 By now you should know me…I love Pelargoniums and these are new for me this week. Ordered wednesday and arrived this morning (friday), all are deep red types P. Voodoo, Scarlet Unique,Black butterfly,Lord Bute, Romeo. Thank you Woottens of Wenhaston. This has certainly bought some colour into my garden.

Hopefully we shall have rain soon or else it’s out with the hosepipe again……


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