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Looking Good.

Some parts of the garden are starting to look better after the hot damp month of August.


Along the tiny path leading to the circle the Roscoea are flourishing, looking good with white Cosmos and the spent heads of Hydrangea ‘Miranda’ which started off blue in the early summer now turning all shades of pink.

IMG_5253 IMG_5252 IMG_5251

I love the orchid like appearance of the Roscoea flowers, looking very delicate but quite a toughy here.


A new Lychnis grown from seed sown 2013, Lychnis Chalcedonica ‘Pinkie’ flowering for the first time and I think a lovely soft pink. Although it’s now starting to establish it’s self, I may move it to be near something like one of the softer coloured Heuchera, It’s habit is a little lax so maybe some short support is needed too. Altogether though I think this is going to be a winner with me.  Another plantworld seed.


Looking around the Auricula plants this is what greeted me. One of my seedlings flowering a little out of season but a lovely surprise all the same……….


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