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Pretty in Pink

A more delicate ‘Vase on Monday’ for me this week.


With all the rain yesterday everything is looking a little sad but I have managed to rescue some lovely blooms of the rose ‘Princesse De Nassau’. Along with these we have some of the last Kipper Cream sweetpeas, Achillia ptarmica ‘The Pearl’, and the gorgeous Anemone ‘Pamina’ which compliment the soft pink buds of the rose perfectly.

Enjoy your day…….

With thanks to Cathy from ‘Rambling in the Garden’ for idea for this post.




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You take your choice…. Roses or Sweetpeas.

For a ‘Vase on Monday’ I have had several changes of heart. I couldn’t decide what to choose, so you have two today.

The first I picked last night as it is the last rose of ‘ Young Lycidas’ ,a David Austin rose. I knew it wouldn’t last long.


Young Lycidas

My second vase contains more sweetpeas, they are just flowering their socks off.IMG_5180

Somethings do like the rain…sweetpeas, and some definitely don’t….roses. 


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