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A Taster.

I have a few Auricula in flower this week.

Although the weather has turned cold again now, so this will slow progress down .

Here are a some pictures so far.

None of these Auricula are named.


This is a lovely ‘old brocade’ lavender colour, starting a little dark and fading nicely as it ages.


A good clear colour.


Looking a little damaged with the dirty rain we have just had.


I love the combination of lavender and lemon yellow.

These plants are about 3 years old, should have been split and repotted, but I like to have a few larger pots for impact.

I have some plants that I have named for the granddaughters, they chose the colours they liked. I’m hoping that they will flower this year too.

I have inquired about Calke Abbey Auricula Theatre. The garden staff tell me that it should be up and running around mid April until mid May….but if you are making a special journey, then to give them a ring first so as not to disappoint. But in the mean time the theatre is displaying viola and pansy. All the information is on their web site.


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