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On Friday I took a final walk around the garden for October 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to find several plants flowering out of season.


Now both of these blooms just shouldn’t be doing this, Camellia Nobilissima and a large flowered clematis in October !

The camellia usually flowers, if I’m lucky, around Christmas time provided the frost doesn’t get it first. The clematis, well that’s an early summer flowering type.


The drying heads of Hydrangea and Clematis Alba Luxurians. Now I did cut the clematis down at the end of it’s usual flowering time, but it just seems to be going on and on.


And my favourite an unnamed Auricula looking perfect in the autumn sun. There are several more pots with buds showing.


Now all of the Astrantia seem to be enjoying this weather as well. Roma along with Shaggy Florence and Venice are all giving me cut flowers.


The Dahlia Purpusii has made an enormous amount of growth this year. During the spring I took more cuttings and have four more plants growing, all equally as prolific.

The only thing to do is enjoy the display while you can, it surely can’t last for too much longer…….



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Keeping the flowers alive part 4

So the weather for part of this week was a little kinder, it allowed me to potter for a short while and to take stock of forthcoming jobs.


Last weekend we went to Castle Donnington  (more in another post later ), but as usual I found a bargain plant.Yet another Hellebore, this time Helleborus x ericsmitthii  Pink Frost. Reading up about this later I find that it ages to dark red, I will keep you posted.

Anyway back to the garden. I have been clearing some leaves away, and it never fails to amaze me what I find .


 Crocus shoots pierce a leaf….


And another…..


Cyclamen Coum, 2 days later I found 3 more buds.


Looking splendid among the leaves..an unnamed fern….


Even the Camellia is enjoying the lack of frost…


And after cutting away the old leaves from the epimedium, a lovely clump of snowdrops emerged…

Which reminds me …part 4…


Free Machine embroidery and applied flower heads….


Made in 2008…this hangs with the Eucomis.

I just hope that the weather clears for everyone down on the south west of England. They sure have had their fair (or unfair ) share of it. Our thoughts are with you all.













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