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Colour Change

The garden has shifted a gear again, we are now entering a more vibrant show. Out go the pretty soft pinks and purples and in come the ‘blousy’ reds, golden yellows and vibrant oranges. The garden takes on a different appearance now, more solid and enveloping.


Hemerocallis Scarlet Oak a most stunning daylily. With such a deep colour and strong growth this has to be a favourite with me, it must really like it’s position as it always performs well.


Helenium Moerheim Beauty, I love the dark centres on these. Looking great at the front of the border.


The beginnings of Cautleya Crug Canary, with the remains of Lysimachia punctata variegata.This has never made much of a plant not like the plain leaved Lysimachia I’m glad to say. Helenium Waltraut just starting to bulk up this year. At the very back you might just see Nasturtium Alaska. Yes I know, you get loads of black fly but I’m willing to put up with that at the back of a border. Plus the leaves are variegated with creamy white.


Erysimum Orange Bedder, this has already had two haircuts and still flowers, a wonderful plant that sold very well at the Open Garden this year. I have several around the garden, they add a touch of spice….


Achillea Millefolium, I tried unsuccessfully in the past to grow achillea, however this year for some reason I have managed to get three different colours to thrive and flower. One a terracotta is a bit slower than the others but I’m now putting it down to position. I really need a more open space with a lot more sun. You see I grow for colour mainly and position takes second place. Need to think again. Another job on the to do list…


Zinnia…. I have posted before about Zinnia and I absolutely love them, just cannot grow them well. I think the solution to this one is the allotment. They would have more space and Mr Malc could bring bunches home. Nice.



The Dahlia in this area are just starting to make an appearance, I’m waiting for a vibrant orange with dark leaves to open, I’m sure that will look stunning.


Now this is an experiment. Recently on the TV, on a gardening programme, someone was demonstrating how to make Japanese hanging planters. They are called Cocadarma, now I may have spelt that wrong. Well I managed to make three and they have all grown well. The ones on the telly were covered in moss but being as the programme wasn’t aired until only a few weeks ago, moss wasn’t available so I found a good substitute. ‘Mind your own business’ or ‘Baby’s Tears’ you get my drift, the stuff you can never get rid of. Well it’s covered them well, planted with a nasturtium, an Ipomea,and a hanging basket plant with small blue star flowers who’s name escapes me. I just have to remember to water them though and that is done by plunging them in a bucket of water overnight every few days. They are a taking point and if they decide to flower well I may try again next year….

What ever the week holds weather wise enjoy your garden….I have lots of rethinking to do in mine, lots of lists to make….till next time.



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On Friday I took a final walk around the garden for October 2014. I was pleasantly surprised to find several plants flowering out of season.


Now both of these blooms just shouldn’t be doing this, Camellia Nobilissima and a large flowered clematis in October !

The camellia usually flowers, if I’m lucky, around Christmas time provided the frost doesn’t get it first. The clematis, well that’s an early summer flowering type.


The drying heads of Hydrangea and Clematis Alba Luxurians. Now I did cut the clematis down at the end of it’s usual flowering time, but it just seems to be going on and on.


And my favourite an unnamed Auricula looking perfect in the autumn sun. There are several more pots with buds showing.


Now all of the Astrantia seem to be enjoying this weather as well. Roma along with Shaggy Florence and Venice are all giving me cut flowers.


The Dahlia Purpusii has made an enormous amount of growth this year. During the spring I took more cuttings and have four more plants growing, all equally as prolific.

The only thing to do is enjoy the display while you can, it surely can’t last for too much longer…….


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Hot and Bothered.

It’s been very warm of late, little rain and hot days leading to a very dry garden. I have resorted to the hosepipe on a couple of occasions, mainly in the White Garden as it also contains a boggy bit that also needed a bit of a top up.

The Hot Border is in semi shade for the majority of the day and this has helped no end. All seems to be working well. Another year will see it knit together nicely.

Some plants that are peaking at the moment are …….


Hydrangea villosa

Hydrangea villosa

Helenium Waltrout

Helenium Waltrout

Hemerocallis Scarlet Oak'

Hemerocallis Scarlet Oak’

Clematis Durandii

Clematis Durandii

Lysimachia variagata

Lysimachia variagata

Salvia unknown

Salvia unknown

Canna 'Cleopatra'

Canna ‘Cleopatra’

Helenium 'Moorheim Beauty'

Helenium ‘Moorheim Beauty’

Bomarea Hirtella.

Bomarea Hirtella.

Dahlia unknown

Dahlia unknown

Foliage of Canna 'Cleopara'

Foliage of Canna ‘Cleopara’

Cautleya spiata 'Crug Canary'

Cautleya spiata ‘Crug Canary’

Crocosmia Lucifer

Crocosmia Lucifer


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