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An Island in Stitch

My boot soles are now a few centimetres thicker today and I don’t think the weather forecast is set to get any better. Those last few bulbs are going to be my Achilles heel.  Ha Ha.

So here I have been in my workroom looking at pictures that I took in the summer of trips out, trying to be inspired, when I strayed a bit and started looking at magazines. Here I found a brilliant picture of somewhere that we visited this year.  Ynys Llanddwyn, Newborough Bay, Anglesey. Well that was it, I had an urge to replicate this in stitch.

Starting with the original image I roughly drew out the positions for each piece of fabric. Once pinned on I backed the whole piece with some pelmet stiffening. This gave a solid foundation to withstand the repeated machine stitching. Small details were added for the little hut and the lighthouse. I stitched, frayed and painted with watercolour to add highlights and depth to the picture. I am very pleased with the result, I hope you like it too.

Here is a little bit of folklore that accompanied the picture in the magazine.

Ynys Llanddwyn is unofficially known as Lovers’ Island, named after St Dwynwen, who lived here in the 5th century, she is said to have given advise to lovers seeking help with their relationships. On her death her hermits cell on the island, but no longer there, became a place of pilgrimage. Even now St Dwynwen’s Day,  January 25th is the north Welsh equivalent of St Valentines Day.

All my information and image came from the Landscape Magazine UK.




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Keeping the flowers alive part 4

So the weather for part of this week was a little kinder, it allowed me to potter for a short while and to take stock of forthcoming jobs.


Last weekend we went to Castle Donnington  (more in another post later ), but as usual I found a bargain plant.Yet another Hellebore, this time Helleborus x ericsmitthii  Pink Frost. Reading up about this later I find that it ages to dark red, I will keep you posted.

Anyway back to the garden. I have been clearing some leaves away, and it never fails to amaze me what I find .


 Crocus shoots pierce a leaf….


And another…..


Cyclamen Coum, 2 days later I found 3 more buds.


Looking splendid among the leaves..an unnamed fern….


Even the Camellia is enjoying the lack of frost…


And after cutting away the old leaves from the epimedium, a lovely clump of snowdrops emerged…

Which reminds me …part 4…


Free Machine embroidery and applied flower heads….


Made in 2008…this hangs with the Eucomis.

I just hope that the weather clears for everyone down on the south west of England. They sure have had their fair (or unfair ) share of it. Our thoughts are with you all.













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