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Mollie and her Babies.

I know it’s a little early to be looking at Peonies, but I just thought I would share this little bit of gardening excitement !


So here we have the burgeoning shoots of Peony Mlokosewitschii, otherwise known as Mollie the Witch. This peony is one of my favourites, the blue/green foliage is good for many months, with the added bonus of beautiful single lemon/yellow flowers. The flowers nearly always set seed, and a check on my over wintering seed pans shows that the 3year old plants are ready for potting on and the seeds sown last year are showing through.


In the foreground 3 year old plants, in the small pots are last years seedlings.


 Peony Mlokosewitschii

I think you will agree that Mollie is certainly worth waiting for.

And on a different note…The Patient Gardener …was asking about our greenhouses.

Well mine is always full of seedlings, over wintering plants and cuttings. It has never really been a greenhouse for the growing of food, I leave that to Malcolm and the allotment.


So here we have a right mish mash of overwintering pots, these are soon to be moved as I now have dozens of pots of seeds ready for germination.


And there are still a couple of dozen more seed packets to come, as I put my order in to Plant World Devon last week !!!

To finish this post I am adding some photos taken 2 years ago, they show my granddaughters and their friend Ellie down on our allotment, they were thoroughly enjoying themselves watering and eating the tomatoes in one of Malcolm’s greenhouses.


A barrow load of trouble. The girls always went down to the allotment in the barrow.




Think there was more tasting than watering.


A jolly good day was had by all.





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