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Cannot see the wood for the trees.

And yet another VERY rainy day, no gardening just a very wet walk round. So here is a view from my bedroom window, now showing only 3/4s of the garden as everything has gone berserk. We seem to have a huge overlap of plants in the garden, still have tulips and bluebells (the horrid Spanish type I’m afraid ) and now have roses and wisteria. Altogether a very confusing mix.


Still there is not a lot of bare soil around the plants so hopefully not too many weeds.

On a different note, a couple of folk couldn’t understand how my plant supports work. Simple really, place in amongst the plant and twist.


 This gathers up all the wayward stems.


I really like the rusty finish, blends in quite well.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little kinder as I have some friends coming to see the garden….they may need their wellies…but we can always retreat to the conservatory for tea/coffee and cake…….





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In Praise of Good Service.

Yesterday afternoon I placed an order for some lovely rusty looking plant supports from Plant Supports . They arrived this morning before 9-00.


    I thanked them by Email this morning and got a nice reply back via mobile, from one of their staff who said that they were at the Malvern Show with their stall, and it was raining. Great product, fantastic service.

   I have been using their Twist supports for about 4 years now, we got them when we visited the Malvern Show back then.

    So now all I need is the rain to stop before all my tall plants flop.


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