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White is Right.

Many years ago I went on a local Garden Trail, it was in the oldest private estate in Nottingham called ‘The Park Estate’. Several of the houses were designed and built by Watson Fothergill a famous Victorian architect who also designed many of the old buildings that remain in the city.

I digress, so while looking at yet more bedding schemes and getting a little bored with some of the gardens, we finally entered an amazing garden which was not all neat and tidy. No one had ‘designed’ it, it was one woman’s idea of a garden. Well I was smitten. The whole garden rose up a steep stepped slope, and everywhere you looked it was shades and tones of white and green. The garden was also quite shady as a lot of the trees on this estate are protected. But that had not put her off.

I was so taken with this limited palette of colours that I made a pact with myself to try to emulate just a part of the fantastic display.




         Libertia Grandiflora.

   A really good front of border plant, having a good show of smallish three petaled flowers with good firm strappy leaves needing no staking


     Anthericum ramosum

    Another similar looking plant but with star shape flowers showing prominant stamens.




    Actaea Alba……baneberry…..Dolls eyes.

   Dolls eyes, because the white berries have a black spot reminiscent of the button eyes you found in soft toys and dolls of ‘yesteryear’. 



     The white Wisteria* is showing colour a good three weeks earlier than last year.



    Mespilus Germanica ‘Nottingham’*, a beautiful medium sized medlar and one I shall never forget the name of. When I was at college we had ‘plant identification’ every week and in the large gardens a medlar grew. I was intrigued by this tree and my tutor gave me all the information I wanted, but never let me forget it’s name, he would ask me every week ‘What’s the name of that tree ?’….so it stuck….



      Astrantia ‘Shaggy’ just showing it’s first flowers. A huge flower and one that seeds nicely around the garden giving me several each year for plant sales.


      Aquilegia. As you all know Aquilegia are really promiscuous popping up anywhere in all sorts of colours and forms. I never tire of them and rarely discard any. So when I get a good white one it is moved eventually to the White Garden.


      Iris sibirica ‘Wisley White’* a really delicate iris forming a nice sized clump this is at the side of the pond, looking quite graceful.

     So although I do have a very small ‘White Garden’ this doesn’t put me off trying to keep to a colour scheme. I try not to overdo this and use lots of different shades of green along with different textures. It is an on going part of my garden one that is constantly being reworked. The area faces south but I have a damp shady area there as well. Not all the plants I have picture are in this area but they do play an important role in the overall look of my garden.

* These plants are not in the White Garden.






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