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Cannot see the wood for the trees.

And yet another VERY rainy day, no gardening just a very wet walk round. So here is a view from my bedroom window, now showing only 3/4s of the garden as everything has gone berserk. We seem to have a huge overlap of plants in the garden, still have tulips and bluebells (the horrid Spanish type I’m afraid ) and now have roses and wisteria. Altogether a very confusing mix.


Still there is not a lot of bare soil around the plants so hopefully not too many weeds.

On a different note, a couple of folk couldn’t understand how my plant supports work. Simple really, place in amongst the plant and twist.


 This gathers up all the wayward stems.


I really like the rusty finish, blends in quite well.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a little kinder as I have some friends coming to see the garden….they may need their wellies…but we can always retreat to the conservatory for tea/coffee and cake…….





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A Bountiful Spring Garden.

It’s a damp and drizzly morning, and looking out of the window wondering if I am going to get out there this morning.


Stout shoes and my fleece and I chance it. It is amazing how in just a couple of weeks the whole garden has now taken on that healthy, lush green appearance.


                                   Looking out of my shed.

     It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago I was having my yearly spring panic, just how am I going to get this lot weeded and tidied.

     The daffodils have now taken over from the snowdrops and crocus and the roses are showing tiny little embryo buds.

      For Gill at  Gardening At The Edge. In front is my medlar, now about 20 years old, stunning when in flower. Rosa Seagull grows through it.


             View from under the wisteria arch. The box topiary, and there are many, will need a first haircut soon.

             The cane hoops on the right are protecting the ponds from the heron, once the planting has grown the hoops are removed.

              I don’t like rearing fish for the heron ‘s dinner.


                                            Turning to go under the arch.

                      Through the arch and I have an area that has always been the most challenging. Getting full sun, so everything in here grows like mad. Sometimes my perennials have 3 ‘Chelsea chops’ in a season. This year however Mr Malc has dug some of it over and removed some of the more exuberant growers, giving me more room for something a little more choice.


                  Looking back at the house from the challenging area.

             Also living in this area are the play house and another auricula ladder and the new shelves. At the very back of these borders I have this year dug out a long strip to grow sweet peas. The greenhouse is just hidden to the right of the shelves.


                           The White Garden.

                          Or part of it. This is a very small area, behind the greenhouse, gated off with 2 reclaimed gates. This makes for a lovely secret garden that the granddaughters love. I plant only white /yellow and blue, but as you can see the pulmonaria has seeded. This needs replacing with Pulmonaria Sissinghurst.


                            Fritillaria Imperiarlis.

                                   And to finish a bit of sunshine…….


                                    Tulips bought off local market last autumn.

                              …….I hope I’ve managed to brighten you day just a little……









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