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More Recycling ,Gorgeous Early Blooms and a Surprise Freeby.

After going away this weekend and seeing the Bee Hotels, I’ve looked around the garden and found an old greenhouse heater.

Here is the flue, stuffed with old bamboo off cuts and mounted on a post.


Not sure whether this is too high, does anyone know if there is an optimum height for such a thing ?


It’s a talking point anyway.

Well I was only saying this morning that some of the pots outside look a little dry. Then what happens, we get the biggest downpour that wasn’t forecast.

So after another cuppa and a tidy of the conservatory, I ventured out.


                         Podophyllum Hexandrum chinensis.

And it looks like the aliens have landed. Grown from seed a few years ago and I am still awaiting flowers.


                Weigela Middendorffiana

 The shrub is about 2 metres tall, never fails me. It is covered with beautiful soft creamy yellow blooms that have a heavily blotched orange throat. I find that this likes a spot that doesn’t dry out. Mine is planted on the conservatory soakaway, along with the white camellia.


          Enkianthus Campanulatus

A small shrub for me, but can grow quite tall. In a few weeks time the flowers will open and have pink edges. The foliage has good red autumn colour.


            Dicentra ‘Pearl Drops’ (I believe )

A really beautiful dicentra, one that needs to be looked at quite closely. I will have to have a go at painting this one. The colours are so subtle.

 And another freeby…..


….here in the UK we have a system where you join something called ‘Freecycle’. It enables you to give away unwanted items. No money is used. As a surprise Mr Malc saw these on line this morning and fetched them this afternoon. They were only one road away. I have just the spot for them…….




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