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A Tiny Bit of Fame

This week I had an email to say that two of my pictures had been published in ‘A Plant Lover’s Guide to Primulas’ by  Jodie Mitchell and Lynne Lawson, from Barnhaven Primula. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement and I’m sorry to all on Facebook who know this already and are reading this. IMG_0082

After the demise of my Auricula ladders I am now the owner of two contemporary plant stands from Ikea. Although lacking in the charm of my wooden ladders, these I now realise are more practical, plus I can get more pots on them and they take up less space.


This morning we had a walk on Wollaton Park just a short bus ride from us. We went along to the walled garden in the courtyard as this where the Hardy Plant Society hold their plant sales. They are also responsible for the upkeep of said gardens. In here the plants are arranged in their plant families and I find this garden so fascinating. I think it is open each Sunday during the growing season. I did come away with just one purchase,  Hemerocallis Sammy Russell, a small late flower in a  deep rusty maroon colour. This will shortly be finding a home with all the other hot colours that surround the circle seating area.

We are now only one month away from opening for the first time with The National Garden Scheme and although we open on a regular basis with our local group this does seem a bit more grown up in a funny way. I suppose it’s because we see many familiar faces with the local one and they know what to expect, the NGS visitors will possibly come from a lot further away so it seems that I need to make an extra effort.

So this week, weather permitting, I will be potting up the last of the plants for sale, as they will need to settle in, more weeding, sweeping and general messing about.

But you know after all the hard work that goes into the garden for just those few hours, it’s more than worth it to see and speak to so many lovely friendly like minded people.

Enjoy you week…..






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