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A Little Snow

Last week we had a little snow, thankfully it only stayed around for a couple of days. I did however manage to take a few pictures before it melted.


These are my plant supports, some of which I bought last year and posted about. They look great in the snow as I always keep them around the edge of the borders until the spring when they are repositioned to do their work.

IMG_5857 IMG_5862 IMG_5853 IMG_5858

As you can see we didn’t have that much but it’s still a little exciting until it turns to mush. Today we have brilliant sunshine, frozen ponds and flurries of snow. I need to work in the sewing room I have a little project for Valentines day, I have a few of my ladies from my classes coming over next week for tea, cake and a sewalong. I will put pictures on next week.



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