Another Find, Another Project

Well after all that rain on Wednesday and having G’daughters too, I definitely needed a different sort of challenge. I’d seen a picture in a magazine recently of a foot stool/ box made from an old wooden fruit box.  I happen to collect old wooden boxes most of which hold clay pots in my summer house. One though had been languishing at the back of said summer house getting damp and cobweby. Out it came with a quick brush down and a dry off in the greenhouse. I had some fabric left from a bag I made a while back, the foam came out of a pillow I was throwing away, so really it cost me 80 pence for the hinges…..not bad eh….

This was so satisfying to do. It now houses my binoculars and wildlife books, keeping the sun off them, plus a seat too…. And the price of the one in the magazine £145….. Sue



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8 responses to “Another Find, Another Project

  1. annedegruchy

    I love this! You are so inventive Sue, and I envy your energy to seek out and do new projects! It looks beautiful and very useful, too. (Sorry for repeated comment – I put it under one of your lovely photos by accident!)

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  2. In France they would say you had “les doigts de fées”, certainly there is a bit of magic somewhere. Amelia

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  3. That looks brilliant Sue – did the crate have a lid or have you used some other timber? I feel sorry for the pepole who are happy to pay £140 or whatever for one – they have missed out on the joy of creating it…


  4. I so wish I lived closer, another brilliant project. 🙂


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