Beach Finds …..* Project 1 *

Rainy days are here again, so the workroom beckons.

After drying some of my beach finds I have decided to make a small boat from some of the bleached wood.


    Measuring just 16cms by 20cms and using recycled carpet tacks, old linen twine and tea dyed muslin. To finish I gave it a coiled rope made from a piece of string that was attached to a key belonging to a 1930s sewing machine and a flag from tea dyed silk.

    Think it will go to Mr Malc as an early wedding anniversary present.






    Happy Early Anniversary Mr Malc……xx






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9 responses to “Beach Finds …..* Project 1 *

  1. Oh Sue, you and Mr Malc have such a lovely relationship! 🙂 You have wasted no time with your projects and this boat is so simple and so beautiful. I love all the resources you have made use of.


  2. Malcolm Turner

    thank you, I love it…. Mr M


  3. diversifolius

    Great gift!


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