Sweetpeas for my Vase on a Monday .The varieties are  Betty Maiden, Jilly, Kipper Cream and Ethel Grace.

  All plants have now picked up and flowering wonderfully.


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15 responses to “Sweetpeas.

  1. I absolutely love sweat peas. This photo is gorgeous, and I’d probably frame it so I could enjoy it all year. 🙂


  2. Lovely, I bet it smells wonderful too!


  3. A special favourite! Love the beautiful colours!


  4. What beautiful soft colours, Sue, especially the one with the narrow blue edge – I have some which were meant to have a pink edge but they are all plain white so far 😦 Oh, by the way, I am afraid you have the link slightly wrong as it is http://ramblinginthegarden.wordpress.com
    Unfortunately you had ‘a’ rather than ‘the’!! 🙂 Thanks for joining in.


  5. Gorgeous Sweet Peas. I’ m going to make a note of the names. They are wonderful together.


  6. Beautiful sweet peas Sue but how do they come up with the names? ‘Kipper Cream’ does not seem to a suitable name to grace a sweet pea 🙂


  7. Beautiful, I love sweet peas!


  8. diversifolius

    Great colours! There are lots of pink varieties around here (nothing wrong with pink too) but especially the light lavender you have is gorgeous.


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