In Praise of Good Service.

Yesterday afternoon I placed an order for some lovely rusty looking plant supports from Plant Supports . They arrived this morning before 9-00.


    I thanked them by Email this morning and got a nice reply back via mobile, from one of their staff who said that they were at the Malvern Show with their stall, and it was raining. Great product, fantastic service.

   I have been using their Twist supports for about 4 years now, we got them when we visited the Malvern Show back then.

    So now all I need is the rain to stop before all my tall plants flop.


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7 responses to “In Praise of Good Service.

  1. diversifolius

    Interesting concept – maybe you’ll show one in the garden. I cannot really visualize how a single one looks.


  2. There are some good companies out there and you do right to praise them. Are you allowed to tell us who they are?


  3. They look just the thing. Brilliant. I risk losing an eye on cunningly concealed bamboos every summer.


    • I bought 15. Two sizes of the twist type and 3 sizes of the arc type..£36 inc delivery…great value..heavy untreated metal…already had some from a while back they really are perfect…


  4. I like the rusted metal finish of supports like this and they sound really good value too. I am trying to visualise how these ones are used too….


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